InterSolutions partners with Edge2Learn to provide best in class property management online training resources.

Edge2Learn is an eLearning company specializing in training for the property management industry, and we are proud to announce that InterSolutions partners with Edge2Learn. With almost 40 years of experience and a commitment to increase industry performance, we are passionate about delivering education that engages learners and prepares them to deliver a superior customer experience.

The core principle behind the strategic partnership between InterSolutions and Edge2Learn is to attract great talent, successfully educate and empower property management professionals for increased performance.

To meet this objective, E2L’s course library includes 500+ course titles specific to the property management industry.  E2L’s library includes courses on Fair Housing, Sexual Harassment, Maintenance, Leasing, Customer Service, and much, much more.  All team members will find relevant topics, value, and, most importantly, a partner committed to developing and growing their skills in a proactive manner – all of which lead to successful job performance.  

Along with a very robust course library, E2L also offers many eLearning services:

  • Learning Management System
  • Performance Management Tools (Mystery Shops and Resident/Employee Surveys)
  • Live Training
  • On Demand Training

Edge2Learn recognizes and responds to the rapidly changing property management environment to ensure your employee training and development is aligned with the evolving real estate climate.

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