Donna Hickey

Donna Hickey

Professional Speaker | Author | Consultant

Donna Hickey has been at the forefront of the Multifamily Industry for decades. Her experience is varied and wide, and her claim to fame is her “in the trenches” approach with precision results.

Donna started as many do as a Leasing Consultant and rose through the ranks to become the COO of a Chicago-based Property Management Group. She has owned and operated her Consulting and Speaking/Workshop business for over 20 years and recently joined Brookfield Properties overseeing the largest community in their portfolio with over 40 employees in the Midwest. Her CV includes Historical Renovations, Marketing & Lease Ups for Market rate, Affordable and Specialty Housing across the country, and restructuring the Housing Division on the Salt River Indian Reservation.

Donna Hickey is a published author of Masters of Success, Stepping Stones to your Leasing Success, Confessions of a Leasing Consultant, From Fear to Fabulous … Harnessing the Power of the Universe. 2021 – To the Edge & Back, How Changing my Thoughts, Change my Life. She was a guest to London on the television show “The Wright Stuff” and is a featured contributor for the Chicago Tribune, USA Today, and many magazine articles, blogs, and association publications.

Fun facts about Donna

  • Donna is an avid sailor and you can catch her taking out a boat on Lake Michigan!
  • Her goal is to reach as many people as possible for, if nothing else, to introduce Dr. Joe’s work and how you can Become Supernatural.
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  • Donna has a Facebook Group – Lease Like a Pro!  Click the link to join!

What people are saying about Donna

  • "The realness of the presenter. What Donna is teaching is extremely applicable and functional to our every day."
  • "I loved that Donna reminded us that the callers WANT an apartment. They chose to call us, and they are trying to make eliminations."
  • "I enjoyed how lighthearted her training was and how relatable Donna is."
  • "How informative Donna was when it comes to leasing. I believe she can lease anything!"