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Issue 2 | November 2020

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We have given our Edge2Learn Safety Orientation a makeover.  We keep your courses compliant by refreshing content often!

We always want to be training for the future – no stale content here!

Course Overview: With a heads-up, common-sense approach, you can prevent nearly all accidents and injuries. Accident prevention saves everyone—including you—from possible pain, regret and expense. Now, improve your chance of staying accident free even more by learning some key principles and facts including: your responsibilities under OSHA, how to handle hazardous materials and use Safety Data Sheets, using equipment and tools safely, and why all incidents need to be reported. 

We’ve updated just about every aspect of our Edge2Learn Safety Orientation course so that your team has the most accurate information in all of these areas of learning for these safety basics. We’ve also created a workbook that is now included within the course to take notes for the assessment to pass with flying colors (and keep for notes after the course!)

Our Edge2Learn Safety Orientation course is included in our elective Safety Series. Click below for more information and if you wish to add this content to your LMS, contact us at Edge2Learn.

Edge2Learn Safety Training

Pam Pederson’s adventures on the road! Living and working in an RV – the new “remote work life.”

Did you know there are 1 million Americans who live in their RVs full-time? Well now, it’s 1 million and two!

What is the reason she chooses this lifestyle? “In the dead of winter around January 2019, I watched YouTube and came across a channel called Changing Lanes with Chad and Tara. Chad served in the military and now works full time in IT from his RV. It caught my attention as they were in warm sunny Florida, where I have spent many vacations (mostly at the beach). After Chad explained how he obtained internet access to work from his RV, my head started spinning, and my husband Erik knew our lives were about to change. We have a toy hauler fifth wheel RV, with a garage area on the back end that is typically used to haul motorcycles or 4-wheelers. Our garage is my remote office!”

How did she go about living in the RV full-time?  “Well, first of all, I needed to discuss my plans with Joanna Ellis as this would obviously change some of my work dynamic. Joanna and Francis Chow were so supportive! They know my main priority with E2L would always stay the same regardless of where my office was located – to serve our clients. At first, we traveled for six months, beginning in October 2019 – April 2020. We came home to Greenwood, Indiana, for a few months and missed traveling terribly. With that, the house went up for sale, and we were back on the road full-time beginning September of 2020. We are now Florida residents, but we will be traveling to other areas of the country, probably more so once we come out of this COVID crisis”.

Why does she enjoy working for E2L? “Where do I begin? I came into this company right after we signed our first client. I had previewed our LMS and was so excited about all of the possibilities this training platform could bring to Multifamily. I always say to clients that I would have loved the access to this tool in my previous Director of Training position. Having the best content in Multifamily is a great foundation, but creating custom courses in minutes made me our number 1 fan. That, along with the ease of use for our learners to take our training sealed the deal. In addition, always updating and adding new content as we did with our Edge2Learn Safety Orientation is vital. With that passion, it’s easy to love what I do. And, of course, our E2L team began to grow. Everyone on our team is also passionate about what they do, and we all enjoy working together. It doesn’t get better than that!”

Joanna Ellis gives us the inside story:  Pam joined the E2L team as our very first employee.  And to say she hit the ground running would be an understatement.  From the get-go, Pam jumped right in and got down to business.  There has not been one challenge or obstacle that Pam has not overcome.   Her desire to continually be learning is a huge part of Pam’s success; in fact, she is always eager to learn something new and teach us all.  Pam has a passion for learning and helping others, and it definitely shows in the way she interacts with our team and customers.  Pam is an integral part of the team and we are very fortunate to have her with us at E2L. 

IT’S ALL ABOUT FAMILY: Pam and her husband Erik have been married just over a year (after “dating” for 17 years!). Pam’s son, Craig, lives in Indianapolis, and she’s very proud of his adult accomplishments. In his previous position with IndyCar, Craig and Pam’s mom arranged a two-seater ride with Mario Andretti at the Indianapolis 500. That was definitely a bucket list item to remember. Pam and Erik will be traveling to Indianapolis to visit their family and friends for the summer months of 2021.

Get to know your E2L Team!

Pam’s “Mobile” Workstation
Pam and her husband, Erik in Key West


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the following 16 states (CA, CT, IL, KY, MA, ME, MI, MN, NH, NM, NY, OR, RI, VT, VI, and WA) have now mandated COVID-19 workplace training.  Given the fluidity of COVID-19 and the training mandated by each state’s requirements, we are pleased to announce that Edge2Learn has partnered with Clear Law Institute.  Clear Law Institute is a national law firm specializing in COVID-19 training that meets each state’s requirements.  Partnering with Clear Law Institute allows Edge2Learn to provide an affordable solution that meets the states’ legal requirements that mandate this training.

As part of our partnership, Clear Law Institute is providing discounted training (based on the number of employees).  To make this process easy, they have created a webpage just for our clients!  Click on the Clear Law Logo to be directed to our special pricing advantage!

If you are interested in Clear Law’s Course Offerings and Pricing Details, click the blue “TALK TO A COMPLIANCE SPECIALIST” widget on the top left of their page!

If you have any suggestions for future newsletters, contact us at Edge2Learn!

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