SCORM Content

Property management specific SCORM content at a price that won't break the bank.

Have your own Learning Management System (LMS) but not property management specific content? Not to worry! Edge2Learn can deliver our apartment specific content via SCORM files right to your LMS.

  • Edge2Learn’s SCORM cloud integrates with most Learning Management Systems, providing property management courses and webinars which can be utilized within your e-learning platform.
  • Edge2Learn SCORM courses are kept current to ensure your teams are trained on the latest and most up-to-date compliance topics, laws, etc. 
  • To deliver Edge2Learn property management courses right to your own e-learning platform is a seamless process.  As courses are updated, you are assured to have the most recent version. 
  • E2l SCORM content can customized by inserting your company specific information in-between E2L modules.
  • Regardless of loading Edge2Learn SCORM content onto our LMS or yours, Edge2Learn can support your property management SCORM related needs.