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Growth and Development

Training Seminars

Edge2Learn offers a selection of seminars designed to improve performance of your onsite staff – from leasing professionals, to property managers, to maintenance personnel to middle management.  Choose from a variety of seminars designed to help apartment leasing and property management professionals conquer challenges faced in daily operations and leasing, as well as empower maintenance staff to add greater value to the team.

In-Person Training

  • In person (full or half day) training focused on developing supervisors, property managers, assistant managers, leasing professionals, and maintenance personnel
  • Designed to improve performance of your onsite team


  • Live 30- to 60-minute training over the web to your onsite teams
  • Provides concise and effective training to target any area of improvement

Coaching & Mentoring

  • Includes an instructor review of most recent mystery shopping report(s) and resident surveys for each participant, adding a personal touch that contributes to employee buy-in and long-term leasing training success
  • Provides one-on-one coaching to target any areas of opportunity for improvement

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