Best Practices for eLearning in the Multifamily Industry

You want your training to be effective and efficient and want to partner with a provider who understands how employees learn in the current industry environment. Edge2Learn has responded to more sophisticated products, more educated consumers, and a more diverse workforce by transforming employee training and development for property management companies in today’s marketplace. The core principle behind Edge2Learn’s training and development platform is to educate and empower employees, enabling them to increase performance by applying what they learn in their everyday working environment. Edge2Learn incorporates a blended learning philosophy – an appropriate balance between technology and instructor-led learning to maximize the training and development experience for every learning style.

Whether it’s reducing liability or increasing profitability, having a well-trained staff is critical to the success of any property management company and the customers they serve. Edge2Learn offers a training solution that will not only reduce your liability risk factors, but makes it highly cost effective to deliver training to every employee throughout your portfolio.

Edge2Learn focuses on the learner’s experience – capturing interest, driving engagement and increasing understanding of how the employee’s role impacts the company as well as their own personal development and growth.  This increased involvement helps everyone perform more successfully and advance more quickly.


Learning Management System


eLearning Courses


Growth and Development

How do Executives keep track of what training progress has been made and where there are still opportunities for better performance? Edge2Learn’s customizable learning management system, EDGE, is a turnkey solution that provides all the tools needed to manage your internal program with minimal cost and maximum measurable results. Its intuitive, user-friendly interface and dashboard let you easily manage everything from tracking training requirements to identifying company knowledge gaps and on-boarding new employees.

Learning Management System

Understanding the Learning Experience


  • Easy implementation and fully operational system upon roll-out
  • Simple-to-use tools for effective and efficient administration of training
  • Ability to upload and deliver company-branded or web-hosted video training
  • Embedded course-builder tool allowing course creation in minutes
  • Quick scheduling and tracking of instructor-led training, webinars, and off-site training
  • Pre- and post-testing to identify knowledge gaps and analyze retention
  • Motivate learners with gamification, badges, and leaderboard achievements
  • Warehousing/documenting of policies, procedures and important internal correspondence


  • Shorter courses with relevant, engaging, and fun content
  • User-friendly catalog for choosing elective courses
  • On-demand training for your convenience
  • Just in time training accessible at your fingertips
  • Clear objectives for career development paths and growth
  • Requirements visible at a glance
  • Leaderboard and badges to celebrate accomplishments


  • Measurable results of in-house learning initiatives
  • Comprehensive on demand, real-time reporting available 24/7
  • Individual employee logs and key analytics at a glance
  • Clear understanding of the impact of performance and results of your training program
  • Custom reporting criteria defined by you
  • Insight on strengths and opportunities of learners

eLearning Courses

Are employees learning relevant skills and fully incorporating them into their daily responsibilities? Edge2Learn’s online training courses are specifically designed for the multifamily industry.  Developed in a micro-learning format, these courses are designed to increase learner engagement & adoption, as well as retention of the material.  Essentially, these courses are built for today’s learner, tailored to the applicable job skills and “need to know” information.

eLearning effectively saves companies the considerable expense of off-site training, while making it more convenient for staff to learn whenever and wherever they have time.

Benefits of eLearning Courses

eLearning Content to Support Your Training Needs

Edge2Learn offers a variety of courses which can be used individually or in combination. Ask us to recommend what would be most helpful for you.


  • Applies to all positions – fair housing and sexual harassment
  • Reduces liability for owners and management companies protecting against costly fines and litigation
  • Ensures all employees the critical knowledge within their first week of employment
  • Provides an economical way to deliver important training annually throughout the company
  • Provides documentation on company fulfillment of fair housing and sexual harassment training requirements
  • Identifies risk factors within the organization through post-testing and target based training


  • Provides a consistent and cost-effective way to deliver property management core fundamentals (customer service, leasing, marketing, resident retention) to all employees immediately after hire
  • Identifies company knowledge gaps to maximize internal training development
  • Ensures all employees are receiving a consistent message
  • Lays the foundation for more specific instructor-led subject matter, addressing specific company philosophies and culture


  • Offers additional courses for compliance and fundamental training
  • Includes titles for safety, maintenance, and leadership
  • Addresses specific training needs, customized to the unique needs of individual employees within your company


  • Develops courses branded to a specific company
  • Creates custom content to represent the company’s culture, policies, and procedures
  • Ensures all employees are receiving a consistent message specific to the company

Performance-Based Training

Are you maximizing the training opportunities identified through your telephone and onsite apartment mystery shopping reports and resident surveys?  Edge2Learn provides the option of assigning personalized micro-bite training modules tailored to the areas of the shop or survey where the onsite professional falls short of your expectations. If the target goal for a particular area of the shop or survey is missed, the onsite professional who was evaluated will be directed to web-based reinforcement training tied specifically to that area.  Each specialized training module includes written tips and video and/or audio samples, as well as an element of “fun” designed to provide a memorable apartment learning experience. Edge2Learn will automatically assign performance-based training for you plus allow you to easily track the current status of each training component recommended for that particular feedback tool.

Training Seminars

Edge2Learn offers a selection of seminars designed to improve performance of your onsite staff – from leasing professionals, to property managers, to maintenance personnel to middle management.  Choose from a variety of seminars designed to help apartment leasing and property management professionals conquer challenges faced in daily operations and leasing, as well as empower maintenance staff to add greater value to the team.

In-Person Training

  • In person (full or half day) training focused on developing supervisors, property managers, assistant managers, leasing professionals, and maintenance personnel
  • Designed to improve performance of your onsite team


  • Live 30- to 60-minute training over the web to your onsite teams
  • Provides concise and effective training to target any area of improvement

Coaching & Mentoring

  • Includes an instructor review of most recent mystery shopping report(s) and resident surveys for each participant, adding a personal touch that contributes to employee buy-in and long-term leasing training success
  • Provides one-on-one coaching to target any areas of opportunity for improvement

Custom eLearning


eLearning Demos