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Issue 4 | January 2021

Welcome your Edge2Learn Multifamily Newsletter with Upcoming Webinars!

Upcoming Webinars!

Edge2Learn Webinar

Help Them Grow – So They Won’t Go! Presented by Shawn Reynolds

1/28/21 at 1:00 PM CST

Engaged employees improve company performance AND build the all-important bench strength. Yet, we “train” new employees and walk away. Your employees want a career, so don’t just give them a job! This webinar will give you the edge you need to develop your team AND retain your star talent! In this session, you will:

  • Learn how to engage employees so they grow with your company.
  • Learn how to have meaningful “career conversations” with your team to help them GROW. (You will grow too!)
  • Discuss strategies for engaging employees in difficult times.

Ring-A-Ling 2021! Presented by Donna Hickey

2/11/21 at 1:00 PM CST

Not all calls are created equal and not all offices are answering the phones.  Today we have call centers, CRM’s, Artificial Intelligence, remote and onsite office, booking online, etc.  And all of this changes the dynamic of managing phone calls, scheduling appointments and following up.

Do you want to Blast Off in 2021 and make an impact on your closing ratios?  Assuming yes, join us for a session on successfully managing the telephone experience.  In this session, these secrets are revealed.

  • Become friends with the phone!
  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable!  Listening!
  • Preparation is everything!
  • Ask the right questions, presented as a conversation, not an interrogation!
  • Master setting and follow up on appointments!

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Waterways, Oysters, and Gardening – OH MY!
Carla Samford’s Passion Projects!

When did your passion projects begin? “About 8 years ago, my son was taking Environmental Science in high school.  I thought it would be fun to get him involved in a project that impacted the environment.  I read about the benefit of oysters on the waterways and decided to give oyster gardening a try!  What I thought would be a fun project for him, turned out to be my project for the next 8 years.  Since that time, I have been buying small oysters, called spat, and growing them in the Rappahannock River in Virginia.  It takes quite a bit of time, muscle, and patience to take them from the size of a pea to an edible oyster.  Each batch of 500 takes about 2 years to grow.  But in that time, each oyster cleans 50 gallons of water a day.   That can make a big environmental impact….but my favorite is eating them!”

Why does she enjoy working for E2L? “Having been on-site for many years then moving into the world of education for our industry, I have a great appreciation for the time it takes to develop great training, which in turn develops great people.  A system must be intuitive for both the learner and the administrator because of all of the time constraints in Multifamily!  E2L’s straightforward interface makes it easy to create and deploy information efficiently and accurately.  Having run large training departments, I wish I could have created a course in 4 minutes like clients on E2L can!  Additionally, the cutting-edge Video Assessment tool, which uses AI to score the learner, takes role-playing to a whole new level!  Practice makes perfect, and this type of deliberate practice leads to performance-driven results.” 

“Bottom line, I love what I do because of the curriculum’s quality and easy-to-use platform!  It makes coming to work rewarding because I know I truly can simply impact someone’s life and add value!”

Joanna Ellis gives us the inside story:  “Carla and I met over 15 years ago when she was working as a VP of Training.  Initially working together back then through Ellis’s mystery shop program, we shared many a brainstorming session on various topics from training to performance to passion for an industry we both love and enjoy.  As Carla continued to advance her Multifamily career, we stayed in touch, but as time marched forward, our paths began crossing more frequently.  Little did I know, a conversation with Carla a few months before the announcement of the E2L launch would result in hiring our #2 employee.  Like everyone else on the team, Carla hit the ground running from day one and never looked back.  Not only is she a wealth of knowledge on the training and eLearning front, she always has a smile and an enthusiasm that never waiver.  We are thrilled to have Carla on our team – another wonderful team member that makes a difference every day!” 

IT’S ALL ABOUT FAMILY: “My husband Jeff and I both grew up in Richmond, Virginia. We actually went to high school together and even went on a double date…but with other people!  After receiving my degree from Virginia Tech in Residential Property Management, we were married.  We have now been married for 27 years and have 2 children – Brock (24) and Hailey (21).  In our spare time, we are very active in our church, love hanging with friends, and spending time at the river!  Maybe one day we will get back to traveling too!”

Get to know your E2L Team!

Carla Samford
Carla Samford – Director of Leasing Strategy Solutions

Carla and Jeff Samford
Carla and her husband, Jeff
The Samford Family
Brock, Jeff, Carla and Hailey Samford

Upgraded Assessment Tool!

Edge2Learn Assessment

Create Assessments To Help Your Team Learn!

Edge2Learn’s Assessment Tool is used to administer and report on quizzes, tests, and exams. Assessment functionality has been enhanced with a range of new features designed to increase flexibility. This includes new question types to offer additional ways to test learner knowledge.

New question options include being able to weight questions (beneficial for more complex or free text questions to make them represent a greater proportion of the total assessment score), add optional questions, have the ability to randomize questions, and creating a question bank. A question bank allows clients to create a “bank” of questions that can be reused and maintained across multiple assessments from a single location. Talk about a time saver!

Why is an Assessment Tool important?

Assessments are a key component of training because it helps us all to learn. When your team members can see how they are doing in a course or module, they can determine whether they understand the material. 

Why should our company utilize this feature?

Our Edge2Learn courses contain assessments to measure the knowledge retained and the score of the assessment reflects how much of that knowledge was remembered. Your company also has specialized learning that you pass to your team members, but how do you track retention? Utilizing this assessment tool will give your company the ability to track the knowledge learned and give indicators on information that is not being retained.

Another fabulous feature like this, at no additional costs to our clients, is something to celebrate for 2021!

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