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eLearning Courses

Are employees learning relevant skills and fully incorporating them into their daily responsibilities? Edge2Learn’s online training courses are specifically designed for the multifamily industry.  Developed in a micro-learning format, these courses are designed to increase learner engagement & adoption, as well as retention of the material.  Essentially, these courses are built for today’s learner, tailored to the applicable job skills and “need to know” information.

eLearning effectively saves companies the considerable expense of off-site training, while making it more convenient for staff to learn whenever and wherever they have time.

Benefits of eLearning Courses

eLearning Content to Support Your Training Needs

Edge2Learn offers a variety of courses which can be used individually or in combination. Ask us to recommend what would be most helpful for you.


  • Applies to all positions – fair housing and sexual harassment
  • Reduces liability for owners and management companies protecting against costly fines and litigation
  • Ensures all employees the critical knowledge within their first week of employment
  • Provides an economical way to deliver important training annually throughout the company
  • Provides documentation on company fulfillment of fair housing and sexual harassment training requirements
  • Identifies risk factors within the organization through post-testing and target based training


  • Provides a consistent and cost-effective way to deliver property management core fundamentals (customer service, leasing, marketing, resident retention) to all employees immediately after hire
  • Identifies company knowledge gaps to maximize internal training development
  • Ensures all employees are receiving a consistent message
  • Lays the foundation for more specific instructor-led subject matter, addressing specific company philosophies and culture


  • Offers additional courses for compliance and fundamental training
  • Includes titles for safety, maintenance, and leadership
  • Addresses specific training needs, customized to the unique needs of individual employees within your company


  • Develops courses branded to a specific company
  • Creates custom content to represent the company’s culture, policies, and procedures
  • Ensures all employees are receiving a consistent message specific to the company

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