Reputation Management (Ratings & Reviews)

Influencing public perception of your organization.

Ratings & Reviews

  • An Introduction to Ratings and Reviews
  • Create a 90-day Reputation Management Plan
  • Crisis Management
  • How to Ask for Reviews, Encourage Engagement, and Improve Your Score
  • How to Encourage Reviews and Receive Feedback
  • How to Make Your Reviews Work for You
  • How to Respond to Apartment Reviews: An In-Depth Lesson
  • How Your Competitors Are Using Your Apartment Reviews
  • Improving the Score of Your Online Reputation
  • Multifamily Industry Panel: Who Should Respond to Apartment Reviews?
  • The Best Way to Manage Your Online Reputation
  • The Dark Side of Reputation Management
  • We Got an Apartment Review. Now What? (Session 1)
  • We Got an Apartment Review. Now What? (Session 2)
  • What Ratings and Reviews Really Tell You
  • Why You Should Care About Apartment Reviews

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