Practical, interactive, and cost-effective compliance training for the multifamily industry.

Help your employees recognize real-world property management issues through Edge2Learn’s compliance training courses, covering such topics as fair housing, sexual harassment, workplace diversity, etc.  Edge2Learn’s comprehensive library of online compliance training courses are optimized for risk and compliance training and include property management  specific scenarios and practical examples.

  • Applies to all corporate and onsite property management positions
  • Reduces liability for owners and property management companies protecting against costly fines and litigation
  • Ensures all employees have critical knowledge within their first weeks of employment
  • Provides an economical way to deliver important training annually and as needed throughout the company
  • Provides documentation on company fulfillment of multifamily fair housing and sexual harassment training requirements
  • Identifies risk factors within the organization through post-testing and target-based training
  • Includes sexual harassment courses specific to federal and individual states (California and New York) requirements
  • Includes fair housing courses specific to federal and individual states (Texas and Virginia) requirements

Build a culture of compliance, providing your employees with the proper property management tools and knowledge they need.

Accommodating Assistance Animals

Understand and apply laws related to service animals.

Fair Housing

Knowing prospects’ and residents’ rights.

Sexual Harassment

Maintaining a workplace free of unwanted behaviors.

Workplace Harassment

Recognizing the signs and taking action.

Workplace Diversity

Creating a welcoming, inclusive, and respectful workplace.

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