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March 2017

Learning is a Journey Not an Event

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Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote pretty much sums up my life, “Life is a journey, not a destination”.  And let’s just say, I am enjoying the journey every step of the way, personally and professionally.


I am Joanna Ellis, owner and operator of Ellis Partners in Management Solutions and just recently announced, edge2learn.  You know me best for my nationwide mystery shop and resident survey programs.  My entire career has been all about partnering with companies to understand the customer’s journey in order to provide a great customer experience.  But as we all know, creating a great customer experience begins with our employees.


Continuing my journey, I recognized an opportunity to impact the employee through online education.  Hence, I formed edge2learn to focus on the learner’s journey, giving you and your employee an “Edge” to develop and grow.


That said, the question we should be asking is how do we develop learning programs that engage, develop and motivate the employee to seek knowledge that allows them to thrive in their career and further their interests.  Well, it starts with understanding the employee through listening and learning.


Having built a successful company based feedback from our customers, creating edge2learn was no different.  We listened and heard you loud and clear on what your employees want, need and expect in e-Learning.  Listening, understand and delivery are key.  You learn to do what makes sense!”


Edge2learn is all about the learner’s journey, using micro-learning philosophy – a learning technique that is about teaching and delivering content to learners in small and targeted bursts.  This style of learning is a way to effectively apply what is learned in typical day to day business and then some.


Engage your team members to buy in and capitalize on their learning opportunities!  I invite you to visit our website and email us for a personal demo. We would be delighted to learn more about your online training needs as well as share more about the future of education in the multi-family industry.


Edge2learn is your new e-Learning partner, seeking to understand the learner of today to prepare for their learning needs tomorrow.  Learn more about our Learning Management System as well as the course series that are available to you and your teams.